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  • Dr. Xavier Hill
    Dr. Xavier Hill
    Infectious Diseases/Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Dr. Jacinda Abdul-Mutakabbir
    Dr. Jacinda Abdul-Mutakabbir
    Infectious Diseases/Research
  • Dr. Amanda Ferguson
    Dr. Amanda Ferguson
    Federal Pharmacy/Healthcare Operations
  • Dr. Janay Bailey
    Dr. Janay Bailey
    Pharmacotherapy/Orthopedic and Plastic Surgery
  • Dr. Yewande Dayo
    Dr. Yewande Dayo
    Infectious Diseases/Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Dr. Kalyann Kauv
    Dr. Kalyann Kauv
    Managed Care
  • Dr. Starr Shands
    Dr. Starr Shands
    Ambulatory Care/Federal Pharmacy/Retail Pharmacy
  • Dr. Thomas Roduta
    Dr. Thomas Roduta
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Oluchi Emelogu
    Dr. Oluchi Emelogu
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Justina Lipscomb
    Dr. Justina Lipscomb
  • Dr. Jeremy McLemore
    Dr. Jeremy McLemore
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Whitney Strong
    Dr. Whitney Strong
    Community Pharmacy/Transitional Care 
  • Dr. Nwamaka Nwagbologu
    Dr. Nwamaka Nwagbologu
    Internal Medicine/Pharmacy Informatics
  • Dr. Idris Yakubu
    Dr. Idris Yakubu
    Solid Organ Transplant/Academia
  • Dr. Olaide Aiyegbusi
    Dr. Olaide Aiyegbusi
    Ambulatory Care/ Pain Management
  • Dr. Porschia Jordan
    Dr. Porschia Jordan
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Paa Kwesi Yanful
    Dr. Paa Kwesi Yanful
    Ambulatory Care/HIV
  • Dr. Chandler Schexnayder
    Dr. Chandler Schexnayder
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Chinelo Oji
    Dr. Chinelo Oji
    Psychiatry/Global Health
  • Dr. Prince Chijioke
    Dr. Prince Chijioke
  • Dr. Ogechi Ubanyionwu
    Dr. Ogechi Ubanyionwu
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Ifeanyi Onor
    Dr. Ifeanyi Onor
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Chinenye Anyanwu
    Dr. Chinenye Anyanwu
    Research/Public Health
  • Dr. Brandon Dyson
    Dr. Brandon Dyson
    General Clinical Practice/Academia
  • Dr. Phuoc Anne Nguyen
    Dr. Phuoc Anne Nguyen
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Juanita Bruce
    Dr. Juanita Bruce
  • Dr. Nicole Anidiobi
    Dr. Nicole Anidiobi
    Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Samuel Ubanyionwu
    Dr. Samuel Ubanyionwu
    Pharmacy Informatics
  • Dr. Priyam Patel
    Dr. Priyam Patel
  • Dr. Martienne Vernon
    Dr. Martienne Vernon
    Psychiatry/Ambulatory Care
  • Dr. Emmanuel Aniemeke
    Dr. Emmanuel Aniemeke
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Kierra Dotson
    Dr. Kierra Dotson
    Infectious Diseases
  • Dr. Ericka Hylick
    Dr. Ericka Hylick
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Ashley Oliver
    Dr. Ashley Oliver
    Internal Medicine/Cardiology
  • Dr. Adebayo Ogunniyi
    Dr. Adebayo Ogunniyi
  • Dr. Bijan Mekoba
    Dr. Bijan Mekoba
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Emanuel Awasom
    Dr. Emanuel Awasom
    General Clinical Practice
  • Dr. Lori A. Gordon
    Dr. Lori A. Gordon
    HIV/Hepatitis C
  • Dr. Ike Oji
    Dr. Ike Oji
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. George Okpamen
    Dr. George Okpamen
    Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Joshua Blackwell
    Dr. Joshua Blackwell
    Health Administration
  • Dr. Onye Ononogbu
    Dr. Onye Ononogbu
  • Dr. Bryan Sackey
    Dr. Bryan Sackey


What is PILs Connections?

PILs Connections is a free service provided by PILs which allows pharmacy specialists (Ambassadors) to connect with pre-professional pharmacy enthusiasts and professionals who aspire to learn more about the various aspects of the field

Who are PIL Ambassadors?

PIL Ambassadors are professional consultants of various fields/specialties who serve as a resource for aspiring pharmacists

  • Ambassadors are here to answer specific questions related to their specialty and provide critical advice to help guide your professional endeavors
  • Ambassadors are NOT intended to serve as mentors but rather a quick resource to assist in your professional pursuits