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  • CV and Letter of Intent Workshop

    Residency and Fellowship application season is right around the corner.  Do YOU have two of the most important components of your application ready?! Join our PILs Ambassador Coordinators tonight, Tuesday 9/29 at 8 PM CDT/9 PM EDT, for a workshop tailored towards ALL (P1-P4) pharmacy students.  Learn about composing a CV and LOI that reflect your…
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  • Happy Birthday – PILs Turned 4!

    September 16th marked OUR Birthdayyyy! Yes.  YOU + ME x US = OUR WE could not have turned FOUR without YOU! If you’ve ever shared a PILs Post, attended a PILs Event, or connected with us at a PILs Convo, THANK YOU.  We can’t stop (and won’t stop) thinking about just how far we’ve come.…
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  • PILs Conversations Volume 4: Transitions of Careers in Pharmacy

    Looking to make a career shift? Changing your career outlook IS POSSIBLE.  The world of pharmacy is diverse and there are lots of opportunities out there that most pharmacists are unaware of. Join our PILs Ambassadors on Thursday, August 27th at 9PM EST for a discussion around career transitions as they share information about their…
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  • The Road to Success – 4th Edition

    PILs presents reflections from recent grads of the PILs Coach Program and their pursuit of postgraduate opportunities, including residency and fellowship training. The PILs Coach Program pairs aspiring residents and fellows with personal coaches to assist them in achieving their desired goals through a customized strategic plan.  Learn more about their personal journeys below. #ProductofPILs  Melissa Milfort Mercer…
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