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  • The Road to Success – 4th Edition

    PILs presents reflections from recent grads of the PILs Coach Program and their pursuit of postgraduate opportunities, including residency and fellowship training. The PILs Coach Program pairs aspiring residents and fellows with personal coaches to assist them in achieving their desired goals through a customized strategic plan.  Learn more about their personal journeys below. #ProductofPILs  Melissa Milfort Mercer…
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  • Dispense As Written: Ambassador Spotlight – Dr. Chandler Schexnayder

    Featured PILs Ambassador: Chandler Schexnayder, PharmD, BCPS, CDCES Ambulatory Care Pharmacy Specialist Who/what inspired you to pursue pharmacy? Honestly, I did not know I wanted to pursue pharmacy until a couple months before graduating high school.  A pharmacy student (from a city four hours away) came to my classroom and educated me on what a…
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  • Dispense As Written: Ambassador Spotlight – Dr. Yewande Dayo

    Featured PILs Ambassador: Yewande Dayo, PharmD Infectious Diseases/Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacy Specialist Who/what inspired you to pursue pharmacy? I always had a deep interest in healthcare, and I decided to pursue a career in pharmacy after working as a pharmacy technician in college.  I enjoyed learning about the medications I dispensed and the collaboration that took…
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  • 3rd Annual PILs Midyear Scholarship!

    While 2020 has definitely provided an unprecedented experience not only in the profession of pharmacy, but the world in general, one thing remains the same…PILs is back to the rescue for your Midyear needs!  Amid all of the uncertainty ahead of us, a little help can still go a long way to ensure that you…
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